Setting up a home studio? Consider these tips

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Setting up a home studio is a process that involves a lot of research. From selecting the right equipment from renowned brands like Bose Sound System, JBL Sound System, Meyer Sound, Sennheiser, and others to maintain the perfect ambience for a good sound experience, a home studio requires to be perfect at every step of its formation. A good audio consultant in India can prove of great help in this context. But, if you are doing it on your own, some simple steps can prove of great help for the same. For high tech audio quality in a home studio, some simple steps are needed to be followed. Here are some effective tips to consider while building a home studio. 

Prepare a to-do list

While you think of building your studio, try to remember and jot down whatever comes in your brain regarding the equipment, design and overall acoustics of the studio. This will assure that nothing is left out while you start building your home studio

Watch out for room dimensions

Room dimensions one of the most important aspects of a home studio. The dimensions decide how the sound waves will travel throughout the room. The sound waves require a specific measurement of room dimensions. The ideal room is building a room having non-harmonic dimensions.

Space it out according to your needs

The space of the room decides the purpose of your room. Decide the space of your room according to your requirements. A small room is ideal if you are a mix engineer. If you want the studio for recording vocals, a medium-sized room will fulfill your requirements. So, always think about what purpose the room is to be utilized and decide how much space you should require. 


The room should be isolated that is, no air should enter between spaces for great recording experience. The sound waves should not be transmitted. The more the space isolation, the less the sound transmission. In a similar manner, If the material is heavier, The sound transmission is lesser. Make your room silent by using various products such as diffusers and brand absorbers among others. Huge windows can also be a cause of a major sound leak problem, but if there is no option for replacing the windows, a simple solution like installing heavy curtains can solve the problem. 

Load your studio with comfort 

For a good working experience, your studio should be as comfortable as it should be because it is the place where you will probably spend most of your day. Ensure that you place your gear on a comfortable height. Also, make sure that the seating position is as per your requirements. See that the light settings are up to the mark for minimizing the strain on your eyes.

Building a home recording studio is a tedious process but if you couple it with these tips, you will make the most of your studio for sure. Hi tech audio equipment and a good acoustical environment form the base for a great home studio. If you are still craving for the best advice regarding home studios, consult Audio Technik, one of the best audio consultant in India. The Audio Technik team will definitely help you in creating the best home studio through perfect acoustical solutions and support.