The apt acoustical approach for worship places


Worship places impart positivity and give us the power to outgrow all the obstacles and march towards success! Acoustically speaking, the worship places have to be silent and spread positive vibes through perfect acoustic solutions. Poor acoustics in houses of worship can really affect how well your congregation can hear you. Many places of worship were built in ancient times and so, the use of the latest technology is necessary to make the place acoustically perfect. In the case of churches, especially High ceilings, open layouts, and many large exposed windows and walls are commonplace in sanctuaries and fellowship halls. For this, a good acoustic consultant is necessary to bring out the best from the place of worship. Companies like Audio Technik India have varied experience in the field of sound and they offer the best acoustic consultancy services to make the place of worship acoustically perfect. Consider these points for acoustically balancing a worship place.

  • A worship space is used for sermons and performing pooja where speech intelligibility is critical, as well as live and recorded musical performances. Therefore, reverberation must be balanced properly so as not to muffle speech. But, this does not mean that it has to be eliminated completely where music would sound stagnant or fully dead. 
  • Bare surfaces and ample open spaces once helped amplify and carry sermons and music. But when used with today’s digital audio technology, these architectural elements create a lengthy reverberation time. Reverberation time, or RT 60, is the amount of time it takes for sound waves to stop reflecting around a room and fade completely. The longer it takes for each sound to end, the harder it is to understand subsequent sounds as they build up, making it uncomfortably loud. 
  • In order to reduce decrease the time, sound-absorbing materials can help to a great extent. This includes acoustical foam, panels, curtains and anything soft or porous that will not reflect sound waves. If you demand the best acoustic consultancy services, you should definitely contact Audio Technik, an acoustic consultant in India, which can assist you in a perfect manner as they have the skill and efficiency coupled with enormous experience. 
  • Consider this example in terms of acoustically balancing a church. The Bishop’s Chapel was constructed in 2009 and gives a feeling of calm and a connection to nature that the center is known for. The cathedral ceiling, large windows, and exposed naturally finished wooden planks help accomplish the desired look. However, this design filled the room with echo. Acoustical panels were fitted into the wood paneling on the walls. Black acoustical ceiling tiles were installed behind the wood paneling in the ceiling. This blended into the beautifully designed chapel and brought down the echo.
  • Considering the above example, you can see how the setup helped the chapel evolve in terms of acoustics.

When you need acoustic panels for your House of Worship you want to find a company that will address your acoustical needs while taking your budget into consideration. You also want to ensure that they provide you with quality workmanship and have a variety of room treatment options to meet your needs. Audio Technik is the perfect choice for your acoustical needs. It provides the best sound engineering services in India within your budget and perfectly meets your requirements with efficiency.