Upgrade your stadium acoustics in the right way


When it comes to a stadium or a big open ground, the viewers expect total clarity from what is happening on the ground. Perfect sound system is the key to a good concert, speech or performance in open ground or stadium. Buying the right kind of speakers is key to amazing sound quality. Before you discover some beneficial tips, it’s necessary to remember that the differing events also require changing sound pressure levels. So, it’s important to first look at the requirement and act accordingly.  If you are looking for great stadium acoustics, Audio Technik, an acoustic consultant in India is the ideal option for the best audio solutions in terms of open spaces and other spaces too. From acoustic panels to PA systems, Audio Technik has everything that will make your space technically sound according to your requirements. Have a look at some useful tips.

Maximize speaker performance

Always choose the latest and upgraded speakers for increasing your speaker performance. They are superior in terms of quality and deliver high-class performance in a consistent manner. Upgraded speakers provide you with greater intelligibility, thus providing long-throw coverage from any corner in the stadium.

Consolidate the components

Always use the latest and cohesive stadium audio rack. This allows you to consolidate space by putting all hardware into one convenient location instead of having items strewn about the press box, scorekeepers booth, or crow’s nest.

Go wireless

A good quality wireless system is a must for high performance when long-range is vital. Mount the antennas as high as possible in the press box or at the top of the stadium or venue and at least 8 to 10 ft above the ground, floor or stage. When the operating environment, like a stadium, is particularly difficult or large, you can obtain the best possible range from your system. Just use a diversity antenna system with at least a 30-50mW transmitter.

These are some of the important tips to take into consideration while setting up the stadium acoustics. Once you have found great speakers that will work effectively for your arena or stadium, you’re only halfway done. Now it’s all about how you set those speakers up. You need to angle and space your speakers properly so they take full advantage of the acoustics of your building. It’s important that you direct the sound into the stadium. Improper PA speaker setup can allow sound to escape your arena.

Moreover, choosing the right sound systems and implementing the suggestions accordingly would be a tedious task. In this context, a good audio consultant like Audio Technik can be of great help! One of the best audio consultants in India, Audio Technik has a skilled team, assuring you of the best services. Audio Technik has partnered with big names in the sound industry like Bose, JBL, and others to offer the best quality to their customers.  Audio Technik offers outdoor stadium solutions that assure consistent high-performance. These solutions are ideal for frequent announcements, where clarity and wide coverage are essential.