How to choose a perfect PA system?


Choosing a perfect PA (Public Address) system is necessary for any event. Selecting and setting up a PA system for live performances can be an overwhelming process. There are the microphones on stage, the mixing console at the front of the house, the power amps and the speakers. Everything needs to be specifically calibrated. A good public address system in place serves as a great boost to make any event a success.

So, first of all, you must be wondering what PA systems are? These are the systems you find in most clubs, and churches. A modest midsized PA can cover a small audience easily, but with larger speakers and more powerful amplification, you can cover large indoor spaces and accommodate an audience into the 500+ range. Audio Technik, an acoustic consultant in India will help you in setting the best PA system for any venue ranging from a place of worship to large auditoriums. Check out these tips for selecting the perfect PA system.

Consider how much power you need

The first thought to zero on is how much power you need. Consider how big your audience is and what kind of space you are playing in. Power is produced in a PA by the amp, and it is the amp’s job to boost the signal produced by the mixer and transmit it through the speakers. Power is measured in watts. If you don’t have enough watts to cater for the venue you are playing in, you will end up with crackly and distorted (clipped) sound when pushing the volume too hard.

Look into the driver configuration

Consider the actual speaker arrangement. In the case of a PA speaker that only has a single full-range driver, that driver has to cover the whole frequency range. A small speaker that’s great for high frequencies won’t reproduce low frequencies well, and a large speaker that’s good for lows won’t reach the upper end of the spectrum. As you can see, a single driver isn’t efficient on its own, and single-driver speakers are limited to a narrower frequency band. When you split the frequency range between a high-frequency driver and a low-frequency driver, each speaker can do a better job covering a small band, increasing both the output and the frequency range at the cost of a bit of extra amplification. Split the signal into three parts, and the overall efficiency, frequency range, and potential output expands again.

Know your mixers

Regardless of which PA you choose, it is important to know your mixer. Before your purchase, you should consider whether the mixer is basic or complex for your needs. Mixers can be daunting with all those buttons, faders and knobs, but remember, every part of the mixer has a function, and these functions are the key to unlocking your best sound.

The world of Public Address systems are complex and vast, but that doesn’t mean you need to get weighed down in technical jargon. Focus on the components that are vital to your sound, and enjoy every moment of your sonic journey.