Engineered Sound

Audio Technik’s collective group of engineers, acousticians, and consultants design comprehensive engineered sound solutions after evaluating crucial aspects like Acoustics of the space, Auditorium sound system like the Bose sound system and the JBL sound system, application, site constraints, and system scalability.

Audio Technik goes to great lengths to work with designers and architects to ensure that convergence exists between the overall aesthetics of the given space & Acoustic solution/pro audio system installation. Sophisticated acoustical modeling software like Bose Modeller, EASE, etc allows our audio systems design engineers to predict the acoustical performance of systems in architectural environments where Sound Reproduction, Uniform Coverage, Tonal Balance, and speech intelligibility are critical.

Using acoustical modeling software, we import room characteristics, surface data, and technical specifications of audio systems technology to predict the performance of an audio systemic given acoustical environment. All aspects of the system design will be accurately detailed along with electroacoustic simulation, user inputs, budgets, system deployment in phases, etc. to meet the requirements.