Let’s see it this way, when a person with an appropriate skillset has a better probability of completing a task successfully rather than a layman, who would you choose?

In the case of an acoustical solutions segment, an acoustic consultant is an expert who understands the dynamics of the acoustical behavior of the space which is the most important factor while designing a sound solution for any project. The acoustic consultants, in this case, evaluates and analyzes the degree of need for acoustics treatment required in a given space in order to achieve the desired speech intelligibility & tonal balance by using the right kind of sound reinforcement technology.

Audio Technik India provides comprehensive audio & acoustic consultancy services with complete functionality of a project including desired listening environments, speech intelligibility, Tonal Balance, Reverberation control, and Sound isolation. Our team is responsible for designing solutions for the projects during the blueprint stage or for existing building environments.

Audio Technik India specializes in performance venues, theatres, cinemas, and Auditoriums. We work to meet both your aesthetic and functional requirements in rational budgets and avoid costly corrections after construction is completed.

Consulting service scope includes Specification Development for Bid Requirements, Budgetary Development, Shop Drawings, etc.

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