Designing a sound system is an integration of Electronics & Acoustics. These are the two fundamental factors in designing any professional audio system.

Thorough knowledge of ACOUSTICS & PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE is the key to designing an engineered sound system for venues like Auditoriums, Temples, Classrooms, and Conference rooms, each with different acoustical behaviours.

The team at Audio Technik is an amalgamation of architectural acousticians & sound engineers, with years of experience, that enables us to study the project dynamics, capture accurate requirements from our clients & translate them into functional sound system designs appropriate for auditoriums, clubs, conference rooms, restaurants, huddle rooms, and many other venues.

The system is designed considering various parameters such as acoustical characteristics of the venue, desired application, functional requirements, budgetary concerns, etc.

Our team uses state of the art electro-acoustic simulation software like EASE & MODELER to model the venue and predict & analyse the behaviour of a sound system under consideration in the venue which helps the customer to select the perfect Sound System that will be tailored to their specifications.

We use top-quality speakers from brands such as Bose, QSC, Marshall, d&b Audiotechnik, Tw AUDiO, Atlas Sound, and Audio-Technica to deliver professional sound.

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