Architectural Acoustics

Room acoustics have a dramatic effect on sound in acoustically challenging venues like auditoriums, stadiums, churches, museums, temples, restaurants, and clubs.

Through our years of proficiency in optimizing and bringing to life Architectural Acoustical solutions, we possess the required expertise to elevate speech quality and ensure that intense, high-energy performances maintain room balance.

Whether you require acoustic consultation or acoustic enhancements, we have a comprehensive solution.

By providing acoustic consultation & solutions based on various parameters using complex electroacoustic prediction software, architectural drawings, and post-construction solutions we have got all the acoustic solutions for you.

All your requirements starting from acoustical consultation or custom solutions or even acoustic remediation to architectural standpoints we provide it all.

We provide the client with the most accurate report upon completion. However, all our acoustic solution designs carry a small design fee.


Our report includes:
Reverberation time measurements of the current space or predicted reverberation time using the electroacoustic prediction software. Target RT60 measurement values for a particular application. A 3D layout of the room, with a plan and elevation view representing where such treatments will be placed. The system size relative to the room. We also provide an estimated cost for this service and aim to provide the desired acoustic solution.