AV Integration

Proper AV integration is inevitable for superior performance and reliability of equipment. Selecting Sound Investment & the right team to perform the installation of a system ensures a dynamic realisation of the design as well as minimising the costly repairs and downtime. Our expert teams with advanced technical resources have been known for high-quality installations and final solutions. Audio Technik also offers system diagnostics and fine-tuning that will result in the best performance of the sound system. We not only worry about the timely project but the future success of our clients.
Our team instructs the client’s employees on the proper operation of sound systems and equipment to prevent any recurring issues in the near future.We follow the system of commissioning with each new installation. Our exceptional professional experience allows us to understand the alignment and tuning of each audio system better. Our focus is to achieve the desired speech intelligibility, ease of use, tonal balance & aural experience. All of our tuning starts and ends with a pretty simple question: we ask ourselves whether what we are hearing is what we like or not, and until we like it, the system tuning continues
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